Too much work…brain and legs hurt. Must rinse and repeat. Trying not to think about the beginning of training on Monday! :-/


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Well, yesterday was the first day of not posting…i hope that isn’t indicative of future shenanigans. No real excuse for it…busy with life, angry at life, but c’est la vie.

In any case…the last two days were my weekend so I guess that excuses some slackness. Been eating tons of veggies, and have fallen in love with caramelized onions. It takes a while, but OMG they are delicious! Made a bit of a veg stew with them…heap filling. Guess that makes up for the bag of sugar free lollies I just ate….

Switching gears…you know how you can have some friends that make time fly, for all the good reasons? Well, I’m happy to say that there are quite a few of those at work, so that’s good. And so far they have all been really supportive. Just hope to carry that spirit with me next week as I start to tackle my 12 week training program for the half marathon! :-/

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So angry right now…but I’m deep breathing…thinking about the work that I am doing on myself. Thanking myself for making a proactive change in my life. Thanking the friends that I haven’t alienated. Thanking my peers for supporting me…a real update to follow tonight.


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Exhausted tonight…can barely keep my eyes open at 9. Wondering if its adjusting to the diet or just work…was a long boring day today 😦 some people can really make the time fly, and you end up noticing it so much more when they aren’t around!

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Weigh in 2

176! Down 6 lbs already!

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Exhausted after a day of work and then working on my presentation for next week.. While I made pretty kick ass French onion chicken soup yesterday, it was only enough for lunch. And as there are no more veggies at home, I only had a few sausages for dinner….ugh tomorrow I’ll need to eat a huge salad. Can’t keep eating like this though…..need to make sure there is always enough food at home.

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Er…How Do I Use This Thing?

Y’all need to go here:


I’ll figure out at some point how to get a widget or link or something on here. But this page is fantastic. So many recipe options. As with everything else…moderation. Y’all don’t need bacon on everything, but it’s nice. Alternatively, turkey bacon, tofurkey bacon…all those things help. If you ❤ veggies and meat and all things low carb, that site is for you!

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