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Yes! In a city of great beer and food, I found a truck that gave large fresh cooked chicken and a whopping serving of lightly sautéed veggies. It was…is…huge. But after my 2.6 mile run this morning and not really much food during the week, I’m heading back to buy a nice kale salad for later!


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Another day, another run

Short stint of a run after flying across country for a conference. It was at 7 pm after wings and a pint, but I went out in this strange city. Tons of others running too.

Am at a friends and her roommate is a pilates cum physiotherapist thingamagig. Anyway, my knees have been hurting for like, my life. She said she knew the muscle and shit to help them! Unreal, it was like a light bulb eureka moment or something. I’ve had low level chronic pain for years, so this is some serious stuff. Hahahaha first words were to get ice on that shit, but she’s going to have a better look in a few days when she has a bit of time. Wow, I’m so thrilled!!

Also, down another 2lbs to 174! Technically only 12 to go and 12 weeks of training left! 😀

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Day 1 and Day 15

Core workout this morning wasn’t too bad..but definitely pulled something in my calf o think during work 😦 not a good start. I’m a bit exhausted, so will do my 3 mile run after work. Will be good to decompress. It was cool mentioning training at work today, even the customers were getting into it and wishing me luck! So cool 😀

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