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Another day, another run

Short stint of a run after flying across country for a conference. It was at 7 pm after wings and a pint, but I went out in this strange city. Tons of others running too.

Am at a friends and her roommate is a pilates cum physiotherapist thingamagig. Anyway, my knees have been hurting for like, my life. She said she knew the muscle and shit to help them! Unreal, it was like a light bulb eureka moment or something. I’ve had low level chronic pain for years, so this is some serious stuff. Hahahaha first words were to get ice on that shit, but she’s going to have a better look in a few days when she has a bit of time. Wow, I’m so thrilled!!

Also, down another 2lbs to 174! Technically only 12 to go and 12 weeks of training left! 😀


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Weigh in 2

176! Down 6 lbs already!

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Day 1

Now that I’ve gotten that long winded initial post out of the way, I should probably put some content down for my first day.

The Plan: Lose 20lbs in 14 weeks while training for a half marathon

Starting Size: 182.5lbs, size 8-10 pants and wicked large shoulders, so top size we don’t need to go there (think swimmer/football shoulders).

Method: Generally, I’m going to follow a diet rife with fresh vegetables and lean meats. Limited wheat gluten intake. Especially the first few weeks, I’m going to limit my carbs. Don’t freak out! I’ve been a competitive athlete (endurance and “sprints”), for the past….blah blah blah years. The idea is to cook everything fresh, and stay away from the middle aisles in the supermarket. As for the running, I’ll be following Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 Half Marathon training program.

Timeline: Today 19 Feb is Day 1 of the “diet” (I prefer lifestyle), while the first day of the running program will be Monday 4 May, so that I have a nice 2 week adjustment period to the diet, with a nice 12 week training schedule.

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