Tomorrow is the day!

OMG! Tomorrow starts DAY 1 of the Half Marathon training schedule! I’m already on running overload! The first day is to “Stretch & Strengthen”…so, naturally, I asked my good friend Mr. Google, WTF that meant. Holy hell is there a lot of information out there! While I’ll be following this training plan, I think I’ll also be following the strength and workout videos here because they have videos that you can just play, and workout along to with motivation and timing etc, although there is a good core workout this guy calls his “standard core routine” which looks not boring enough to do a few times a week. I THINK i’ll follow the warm-up here  and here before my runs because they look short and useful, only adding maybe 15 minutes onto the run time. 

If I’m going to do this thing, I might as well do it right! Any and all suggestions are welcome. I’m kind of excited and shit scared at the same time! While the total schedule looked daunting…it also looked completely manageable. The biggest thing is going to be to keep motivated, and to make sure that I DO DO each and every workout as close to the day stated as possible. I feel that once I start veering off for this reason or another, things are just going to get out of whack. It’s not like you can double up, and hope for the best…

Wish me luck! 😀


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