Sunday is a school workday….need to work hard so I can finish and have time to chill and cook while watching the Oscars tonight.

On an unrelated note, went out for dinner at a restaurant…expensive one too, last night. This is the part I hate about dieting… end up paying a fortune for food, but because you ask them to replace the potatoes with more asparagus, you end up with basically a $30 appetizer sized main and still have to order a $12 salad afterward because you’re hungry still. I think this can really differentiate some restaurants. Its already depressing going out for dinner on a diet, but some places will step up if they have somebody make a special request. The best places I have been to, have made sure that whatever they needed to substitute for you still ensured that you had a “bulky” or decent sized meal….and didn’t capitalize on the fact that that was just a little more food they can serve the next person.


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