Work and Play?

I just started a new job that has me working 9 hour days…in a place where it is still well dark in the mornings and gets dark early. How am I supposed to train? Ugh, I haven’t even started the training schedule and it feels impossible….im so sore and exhausted after work. Hey, get you mind out of the gutter! I work at an awesome supermarket that has a very small back room, so we are constantly restocking shelves. The people are amazing too! Anyway, I digress. I’m sitting here watching “My Strange Addiction” with my legs up after eating a dinner full of power greens, and I can’t even move.

Will this get better if I run after work? Maybe before…? This is where I need to know that people are counting on me to go to this dang run. Come on peer pressure!


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Filed under Motivation and Fear, Work

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