The Power of Positive Peer Pressure – P4

Well, talk about the power of positive peer pressure! I told everybody that I was going to write this blog…and after spending 45 minutes writing the first post, and seemingly publicly posting it, I refresh only to find it disappeared. So NOW, I’m going to re-write my first post, albeit in a bit more of a succinct manner.

Here’s the rundown: Me and 2 of my best friends (my 2 best friends and I?!), are going to run the Boston Run to Remember Half Marathon on 26 May. AND I’m going to lose 20lbs. So what? I HATE RUNNING! But, unfortunately, it’s good for you. I know it is…so I know that I should keep doing it. But we have now all registered for the race, and I don’t wanna look like a fool (nor do I want to be out $70), so I need to train for it and not give up. I figure, by publicly making an ass of myself…wait, I mean…publicly declaring my goals and intentions, I’ll be shamed/positively pressured into following through with my goals. Furthermore, if I do it, my other 2 friends sure as hell better too!

Now, I had a lot of cool information regarding the psychology behind public declarations of goals/intentions. The research falls one way – public declarations don’t work (see New Year’s Resolutions), while public opinion falls the other. If you’re interested in some reading, check this out, while there is also a cool TED video here.

Argh…man that other post I wrote was awesome. But enjoy the ghetto version above. Over the next few weeks I’ll learn how to do this properly!


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