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So angry right now…but I’m deep breathing…thinking about the work that I am doing on myself. Thanking myself for making a proactive change in my life. Thanking the friends that I haven’t alienated. Thanking my peers for supporting me…a real update to follow tonight.



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Exhausted tonight…can barely keep my eyes open at 9. Wondering if its adjusting to the diet or just work…was a long boring day today 😦 some people can really make the time fly, and you end up noticing it so much more when they aren’t around!

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Weigh in 2

176! Down 6 lbs already!

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Exhausted after a day of work and then working on my presentation for next week.. While I made pretty kick ass French onion chicken soup yesterday, it was only enough for lunch. And as there are no more veggies at home, I only had a few sausages for dinner….ugh tomorrow I’ll need to eat a huge salad. Can’t keep eating like this though…..need to make sure there is always enough food at home.

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Er…How Do I Use This Thing?

Y’all need to go here:


I’ll figure out at some point how to get a widget or link or something on here. But this page is fantastic. So many recipe options. As with everything else…moderation. Y’all don’t need bacon on everything, but it’s nice. Alternatively, turkey bacon, tofurkey bacon…all those things help. If you ❤ veggies and meat and all things low carb, that site is for you!

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Sunday is a school workday….need to work hard so I can finish and have time to chill and cook while watching the Oscars tonight.

On an unrelated note, went out for dinner at a restaurant…expensive one too, last night. This is the part I hate about dieting… end up paying a fortune for food, but because you ask them to replace the potatoes with more asparagus, you end up with basically a $30 appetizer sized main and still have to order a $12 salad afterward because you’re hungry still. I think this can really differentiate some restaurants. Its already depressing going out for dinner on a diet, but some places will step up if they have somebody make a special request. The best places I have been to, have made sure that whatever they needed to substitute for you still ensured that you had a “bulky” or decent sized meal….and didn’t capitalize on the fact that that was just a little more food they can serve the next person.

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Day off…

Taking the opportunity of a day off work to recover…and mentally prepare myself for the work I have to do for a school project and the upcoming work at…work. Hahahaha that takes mental preparation because Sketchy McSketch is back in action, and I’ll need to bring mu A game next week.

Also, chick at work is Vegan. Thoughts on a vegan diet and endurance training?

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